Everyone is unique.

We are different as much, as only a woman and a man can be.

We look, think and feel completely different. For years, we argue about style, form and color of every single frame.

Every couple is different.
We live together and we work together. We complement each other.

That is why all of our films and photos are unique.

Everyone has their own story to tell.

A good story grips and does not allow to break away.
A good story releases your deepest emotions.
A good story must have characters, that you will love.

The characters, who love.

We are able to do a lot of things, but we know what we are best in.

We tell stories.

That's what we do.

What is your story?



photographer, director, inspirer

Probably the best boss in the world.
All the contracts, ideas and projects must get her approval before coming into force.
She loves coffee with cardamom and does not like to be late in the morning.





filmmaker, editor,

Originator, the first operator and inspired editor. Serious looks but cheerful attitude. Always busy perfectionist.


cameraman, EDITOR

A man of detail. Powered by Coca-Cole .
An irreplacable operator and editor, who says a little but does a lot.